You've probably had one of those moments: You've been sprinting through life, doing things, building career, family, friends ... and then suddenly, one morning you woke up with a loud voice in your head: "What is this all about? What is this all for? This isn't my Life. At least not anymore."

Well, the truth is that you've outgrown the old You. As you changed, life around you must change too but this is the trickiest part. 

change byDesign 

is a unique 5-step Design programme, which applies design thinking and the power of network to help you make your own unique personal and professional choices and make those choices happen. 

  • Use the power of mindfulness to recharge and access your inner knowing

  • Learn the globally tested methods of design thinking and discover unexpected directions for your talents

  • Use the power of creativity to design scenarios for your best futures

  • Apply strategic tools to convert dreams to actions, and 

  • Plug into byDesign network to make things happen