Designing your Life

Earlier this week, on a chilly day in Amsterdam, I had a soul-warming cup of coffee and a creatively stimulating discussion with a friend @amsterdam.onboard.

Somewhere in the conversation we got to the topic of design thinking and what it really is.

Well, to me, the theory of it is less important than the practice of thinking and working like designers in our daily lives. Whether we are creating a new product, a piece of art or planning our new step in life, the process and the principles of design give us a system and a bunch of helpful techniques to organise chaos, make sense of information and create the future as it unfolds.

Design thinking per se isn't a panacea and I find that it works best in combination with other practices.

As a start, have a look at this excellent talk from Bill Burnett, one of the founders of the Stanford Life Design Lab. He explains how we can use design thinking to create our own fulfilling and happy lives.

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