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By nature or nurture,

you are most probably a millennial 

The millennials are a generation loosely defined as people born between 1980 and 2000 However, now, generations before and after them share the same personality traits and behaviours as the millennials. 

You are born into the digital, transparent and constantly changing world; a steadily increasing stream of information; an overwhelming range of choices and opportunities.


You have high expectations of your life, fuelled by the social media, and as a result, have high demands to yourself.


You are very hard-working, despite all the criticism about your generation.


Although money is an important factor, You put a lot more value to the work that is meaningful and impactful. 


You have grown and lived in the world of increasing complexity and unpredictability. Yet, you have still been taught to make decisions for the predictable future. 


The world has opened endless opportunities to you but hasn’t given you any tools or resources to make the right choices. 

You find yourself stuck and frustrated, keep chinsing shadows and the perfect life becomes more and more of an illusion. 


It is not. It is right here, right now. 


Stop wasting your time.

Stop searching and jumping from one thing to the other.

Unlock your perfect opportunity and design your own perfect life. 


It’s all about focus, a good strategy, creative thinking and a support network. 

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